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What Counts: Business Analytics for Entrepreneurs


What Counts provides a range of concepts and tools for entrepreneurs to engage analytics to better understand their business and the development of value.


486 pages


Section I: Analytics and Cognition
Chapter 1: An Overview of Analytics
Chapter 2: Organizational Intelligence and Learning
Chapter 3: Challenges to Organizational Intelligence
Section II: Data
Chapter 4: Data Sources
Chapter 5: Qualitative or Unstructured Data
Chapter 6: Quantitative Data
Section III: Descriptive Analytics
Chapter 7: Data Analysis without Statistics
Chapter 8: Descriptive Statistics
Section IV: Diagnostic Analytics
Chapter 9: Samples, Probability, and Inferential Reasoning
Chapter 10: The Z-test and the Logic of Statistical Tests
Chapter 11: The t-test
Chapter 12: The F-test
Chapter 13: The Chi-Square Test
Chapter 14: Regression Analysis
Chapter 15: Regression Analysis—Advanced Topics
Chapter 16: Forecasting
Section VI: Prescriptive Analytics Overview
Chapter 17: Optimization, Probabilistic Models, and Simulations
Chapter 18: Prescription and Classification



What Counts: Business Analytics for Entrepreneurs

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