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Making the Case
Value Proposition Analysis and Strategy

James M. Wilson III, MBA, MS, PhD, SSBB

This text teaches entrepreneurs the tools they need to evaluate value propositions and the strategies to successfully implement them.  The book provides in-depth presentations of quantitative and qualitative methods, including archival research, experimentation, forecasting, and simulation.  Making the Case walks readers through the due diligence essential for evaluating value propositions.
Full-color, 14 chapters, 400 pages, 204 figures, glossary, bibliography


"Professor Wilson has spent years guiding hist students on how to formulate new ideas and the demonstrate their efficacy.  Making the Case offers a fascinating collection of these tested methods, accompanied by insightful collections from the literature." 
 -- Tom Loper, EdD, associate provost & dean, School of Science & Management, Bay Path University.

"An idea must traverse numerous crossroads to arrive as socialized value to the market.  Dr. Wilson's text provides an articulation of this sequential, slice-by-slice intro to value"
  -- Charles Sperry, inventor (150 patents)

The Author
James M. Wilson, III, MBA, MS, PhD, SSBB. is a professor of entrepreneurial thinking and innovative practices at Bay Path University, Longmeadow, Massachusetts.  He is recipient of his university's Presidential Award in Innovative Thinking and a serial entrepreneur.

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