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Forthcoming 2022

Bubble Sculptures
Sally Curcio

Inspired by the enchantment of snow globes, childhood memories of imagined worlds, and ecological concerns, Sally Curcio captures iconic and fantastic places in Bubble Sculptures.

The Bubble Sculptures are miniature worlds made from thousand of brilliantly colored glass beads, as well as found objects, housed under transparent domes.  Curcio creates actual geographies like Jackie Onassis Reservoir in New York City, mythical realms like Atlantis, and imagined worlds like Metropolis.

The Bubble Sculptures recall how childhood fantasies could easily transform everyday objects into imagined artifacts and worlds.  Curcio recounts memories of learning across a swing, arms outstretched, and flying high imagining she was miles above the ground.  From those heights, she would envisage pebbles turning into cities and puddles into lakes.  The Bubble Sculptures offers an opportunity to return to that form of engagement and play.

Many associations can be brought to the Bubble Worlds as they summon nostalgia for the innocent perspectives of childhood, suggest the fragility of environments, and offer examples of imagined and utopian possibilities.  As we long for a more harmonious world, Curcio's Bubble Sculptures counsel an openness to what may be possible.

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