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Foresight and Strategy for Higher Education Leadership

View these three webinars and then apply to receive this certificate.

Anyone who leads a university, whether they realize it or not, is a futurist. Who else is responsible for looking ahead, designing what's next, and positioning the university to thrive? This presentation details ten habits of mind practiced by futurists, which turn out to align with those of any leader of an organization. How can we develop the foresight habits of mind to be an effective "visionary leader?"

Rick Bailey’s new book, Imagine Voraciously, is well-timed to address the world of new opportunities afforded higher education at this period of stress and challenge. Higher Ed leaders have the capacity to re-imagine long-held practices in ways that better serve students and make institutions more sustainable. Learn how imagination works and how leverage its power, both personally and professionally through practical exercises that Rick will share to enliven your brain power.

The challenges facing higher education are enormous. Some are known to us while others are not. For example, most higher ed leaders did not have the emergence of a global pandemic on their list of concerns even five years ago. And yet, a handful of futurists like ⁠Dr. David J. Staley⁠ did raise the possibility of a pandemic as something that higher education should be preparing for. What other significant trends are likely to impact higher education and our own college and university campuses most immediately in the days ahead? In this ⁠webinar, Dr. Staley shared his latest insights on these challenges and offered some perspective on how to see the future.

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